HAIR STYLINg certificate 

Professional HairStyling Certificate. Where you will learn to create any classic and contemporary evening or formal bridal look with our advance and cutting edge hands on training.  Our Hair Styling class consists of:

  • Wash & Blow dry styling

  • Straightening

  • Roller Setting

  • Curling Iron

  • Crimping

  • Finger Waving

  • Pin Curls

  • Hot Rollers

  • Classic Updos

  • Twists

  • Knots

  • Loops

  • Long hairstyles

  • Hair extensions

  • Back Combing

  • Professional Image

  • Customer Service

  • How to open and run your business

  • How to market yourself.

 Practical Exam will be scheduled in class. We also have customized classes for individual needs as well as evening classes. 


SPECIALS: Kit included 

Prerequisites:  None

Certificate  Provided

Email to Register: