In this Waxing Course Certificate. You will learn the art of effective hair removal. This course provides the comprehensive theory and practical training required to be proficient and successful in this specialized aesthetic services.

  • Anatomy of the Hair

  • Cycles of hair growth

  • Do’s and don’ts of proper depilation

  • Practical training for facial and body waxing.

  • Proper salon and spa sanitation procedures in accordance with Health Canada

  • Hygiene & Sterilization

  • Contraindications

  • Professional Ethics

  • Timing and Pricing

  • Consultation

  • Record keeping

  • Treatment plan

  • Preparation of work area

  • Theory training and assignment

  • Different methods of hair removal

  • Preparation of different areas of waxing

  • Contra action to hair removal

  • Anatomy and physiology

Practical Exam will be scheduled in class. We also have customized classes for individual needs as well as evening classes. 


SPECIALS: Kit included 

Prerequisites:  None

Certificate Provided

Email to Register: Info@prettywomancosmetics.ca